What our customers are saying...

  • HireAHubby

    "I started Hire A Hubby Faversham in August 2011 and needed to create instant brand awareness. The North Downs Ad met my marketing needs perfectly as it is delivered to all my potential business and residential customers in my primary target area. The sales team make placing or changing an advert hassle free, and the colour copy helps my brand stand out. The response I’ve received as a direct result of customers seeing my advert, has surpassed my expectations and I’ve seen more copies of the North Downs Ad next to customers’ telephones than a local newspaper, which speaks for itself."
    www.hireahubbyfaversham.co.uk - Call Stewart on 07789 753864

  • Cleaning Fairy

    "I highly recommend advertising in the North Downs Advertiser, for all businesses whatever your size. I have found the staff to be friendly, professional and very helpful. They can advise about your advert and are helpful in meeting your individual needs. We have not looked back since advertising with the North Downs Ad. The responses we have had have been overwhelming and helped us to grow and expand to more areas. Personally, I think if you want to reach different areas without spending more money, then I recommend the North Downs Ad. You really would not regret it. Why advertise anywhere else?"
    www.fairyteam.co.uk - 07549 391842

  • Logman Energy

    "When we as Logman Energy decided to expand our local coverage, we looked at all the local publications and decided we would concentrate our modest budget with one to run alongside our website and direct mailshot. Thankfully we settled on the North Downs Advertiser. With the technical support in putting together our advert, and confirmed regular slots on the front cover, we have received a constant regular stream of enquiries, most of which have turned into orders."
    www.logmanenergy.co.uk - Call Peter on 07734 680671

  • The Alma, Painters Forstal

    "We have used Northdowns Advertiser for the last 4 years.  Really good, efficient service made as easy as possible by friendly and helpful staff. Cost is very reasonable when compared to other mediums and we have always had an instant response with bookings from any adverts we have placed. Highly recommended."
    01795 533835


  • The Lawn & Landscaping Company

    "I have advertised in the North Downs Advertiser since 2011 and do not use any other advertising medium. The response to my advertising is excellent and usually receive 45 enquiries to each business per month!"
    01795 899246 - 01227 467369

  • Pam Young, Garment Alterations

    "Putting an advert in the North Downs Ad was the best thing I ever did to get my business started. Great response. Highly recommend advertising with the magazine."
    01795 890158
    07787 173936

  • SW Doughty Butchers, Doddington

    "We chose to advertise with the North Downs Advertiser because of the excellent coverage throughout our catchment area and friendly personal service."
    www.swdoughty.co.uk - 01795 886255

  • Fabulous Grandads Building Services

    "Our first advert received 27 enquiries and we were inundated
    with work – amazing response!"
    01227 738753
    07927 872967

  • Pearson's Landscapes

    "We have been advertising with North Downs Advertiser since 2017 and have been very pleased with the consistently great response in our catchment area. Easy, straightforward process with the results speaking for themselves."
    www.pearsonslandscapes.co.uk - 01622 232550

  • Lockharts of Canterbury Ltd

    "Since placing our first advert with the North Downs Ad,
    we received a major response to our advertising and orders were placed on 30 made-to-measure chalets!"
    01227 454990

  • Kent Valley

    "We are a local tree surgery and garden specialist company based in Maidstone, and have been advertising with the North Downs Ad since May 2001. The service they have provided us has been second to none. The team is always efficient, reliable and happy to help. We have had a good response to our advert and acquired many new customers since advertising with the North Downs Ad. We are very pleased to have found such a great magazine to advertise our business in and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future."
    www.kent-valley.co.uk - 01622 431041

  • OJB Services

    "Can’t recommend North Downs Advertiser highly enough,
    Ruth and her colleagues are always friendly and approachable when discussing our advertisements. Taking the time to ensure everything is right. Not to mention the reminder when it’s nearing a deadline to enable us to make any relevant changes. We’ve been advertising with them since 2014 and I would say close to half of our work comes from the various advertisements we have placed with them."
    www.ojbservices.com - 01233 812606